Simchas Torah in Satmar 06′

Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Satmar Rebbe, presiding over the celebration of the Biblical Jewish feast of Simchas Torah. Tens of thousands of People attende…

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20 Responses to Simchas Torah in Satmar 06′

  1. iswasandwillbe27

    who is like you israel Holy Holy Holy is our G-D !!!!!!

  2. varoshah

    @yonabenchaim actually, the text says to curse Abraham, NOT the Jews….for
    the prophets themselves cursed Jews for their backslaiding and idolatry
    throughout Israel’s history.

  3. Denis MacEoin

    @perrik7 You still don’t get it. The Torah doesn’t command Muhammad (who
    lived many centuries later) to do anything. I don’t have an imam: I’m not a
    Muslim, but I used to lecture on Islam at a British university. Get a good
    book about tafsir and the role of the asbab al-nuzul and how this has
    allowed all Sunni mutassafirin to identify early and late verses, and then
    to show which verses abrogate earlier one. This is not sectarian, it’s
    mainstream, and you are just betraying ignorance of Islam.

  4. sar1one

    these haircuts are sick…

  5. Benjamin Zev

    Look Clown, have something clear… you and your greek mythology are not

  6. Jewish NotChabadish

    @DanielforIsrael Why did hasids reject Torah 300 yrs ago and start a new

  7. Yehudah af ejad

    @globe255 of course, just that have to leave to jesus and many believings

  8. adezehar

    hag sameah !

  9. datnyone

    Yeshua is moshiach alone

  10. kehyot

    can he next time keep the camera still for at least 1 second maybe..

  11. DanielforIsrael

    The Torah is the eternal word of G-d. Blessed be his name. Israel forever.

  12. tuman829

    umm Zev your facts are off, they where offered a state and never took one
    becouse it would mean the jews getting one too. Palistine was a british
    territory pre $8 never anything more

  13. RebSchneersonChrist

    I’m Back and announcing today that ha Moshiach has come! Pack your bags for
    the eagleride to Israel. See you were right all along. Amen. Oh wait you’re
    Satmar not Chabad….ok sorry.

  14. evenush


  15. stars1836

    very nice

  16. yuss2010

    can person explaine me what this!!

  17. willy92507

    @skypys111 Hasatan is a liar and he can burn in hell, which he will

  18. perri green

    @MacEoin Leviticus 26:38 “And ye shall perish among the heathen and the
    land of your enemies shall eat you up” Leviticus 26:44 “And yet for all
    that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them,
    neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break My
    covenant with them; for I am the LORD their God. ” you dont understand the
    quran, Allah is not a peddler in the flea market, when he say something it
    is forever. The land belongs only to the jews forever. Peace

  19. Benjamin Zev

    I believe in 1948 it was agreed for the creation of both states, just that
    the palestinians have sat for 60 years waiting for Israel to be destroyed
    and they have not built nothing themselves

  20. schulz

    this is geshmak. as jews, we are meant to be a “nation of Kohanim”