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10-Step-Guide to choosing a Child Care pre-school nursery
1.Ofsted Approved – By choosing an Ofsted Approved child care pre-school nursery, you can be sure that the child care pre-school nursery will be visited every 3 years by an inspector of Ofsted and a comprehensive and impartial inspection report is published providing information about the effectiveness of our child care pre-school nursery and what we do well.
2.Socialisation – by choosing the right child care pre-school nursery, children get the chance to play and learn with other children, and to develop their own friends and relationships.
3.Parental support – the right child care pre-school nursery should be geared to the needs of working parents, allowing them to relax knowing that their children are in good hands if they have to work during the day.
4.Safe, Hygienic and Secure – an important aspect of choosing the best child care pre-school nursery is Safety. Children get a great start to life through learning and playing with other children in a safe and secure environment from an early age which gives them an invaluable head-start for when they begin school. Having good standards of hygiene in all areas to aid in the prevention of infections is a must.
5.Balanced Diet – Learning at child care pre-school nursery to eat for good health and energy gives children the ability to develop good attitudes about nutrition, exercise and their bodies. The child care pre-school nursery having their own chef and kitchen staff is important, all food should be prepared and cooked on site. Menus should contain a high proportion of fresh fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian options may need to be available and as far as possible, the child care pre-school nursery should be happy to cater for any other special dietary requirements.
6.Well trained and Qualified Friendly Staff – Regular enhanced CRB checks and all work references must be double checked before commencing employment. Having a friendly, easy-going, approachable team at the child care pre-school nursery, who genuinely like working with children and in their teams is a high priority. Staff experience and being fully qualified must play a major part in your decision.
7.Indoor Sensory Play Area – This provides entertaining, stimulating play for the children and is especially beneficial when the weather is not good and the children are unable to play outside. A well-equipped child care pre-school nursery should have areas such as a large soft play and ball pool area etc.
8.Outdoor Play Areas – Besides all the health benefits, playing outside stretches children’s thinking and knowledge. Children need co-ordination, they need a chance to practice their basic physical skills. Outdoor play time also allows children to move freely and make noise, forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors. Areas like an adventure playground, a field, a playground and a grass decked sensory area are ideal for a good child care pre-school nursery.
9.Partnership with Parents – working with parents the children will be able to achieve their full potential whilst in a child care pre-school nursery. Communication regularly via email, newsletters, talking to parents individually and hold meetings with a representative group of parents to discuss nursery business and value suggestions and recommendations they may have to improve the care and service provided at the child care pre-school nursery puts your mind at rest and makes for a great nursery.
10.Structured Curriculum – Dedicated time throughout the week for physical activity as well as individual and group learning is ideal in a good child care pre-school nursery. Quiet time that allows the children to develop and express their creativity is also ideal. A structured curriculum that allows for learning as well as play makes for a great child care pre-school nursery.
We at Abbey Wood Grange child care pre-school nursery provide all these things for your child. We believe these ten things are what makes a child care pre-school nursery which allows children to develop, learn to interact with others and prepare them for school.
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Sue Tickner runs Abbey Wood Grange Nursery in Surrey with her husband Vince. Over the years, they have gained a wealth of experience in child care, pre-shool education and child nursery. More information from Sue and Vince can be found at

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